Megan Washington Pops Up in Syndey

Megan Washington live at Pitt St Mall, Sydney 14/9/14
Megan Washington live at Pitt St Mall, Sydney 14/9/14

It was probably the hottest day that I had ever been out in Sydney but I hardly felt it, so great was my anticipation – and some anxiousness/desperation to find the place – to see Megan Washington live for the first time. I got there pretty early and proceeded to wait, and wait, and wait. Then finally she started.

It was a reasonable turn out, the crowd circled around the Westfield stage in a type of bowl formation. I was a little disappointed I couldn’t get as close as I usually do and I regretted not bringing my 70-200mm lens so I could get my usual close-up shots – it’s what I do best. And parts of the crowd seemed annoyed that I moved from one side to the next, to the middle, ah oh I’m bored with that so I guess I’ll move back to where I was. I admit I was seriously under medicated. I have ADHD which isn’t medicated with any prescription medication, more supplements but that day I neglected to take them. I was easily stressed at times but I tried to stick it out until I was content with the photos.

Even people doing their basic shopping stopped to watch the show.
Even people doing their basic shopping stopped to watch the show.

I must admit that few people in the crowd were looking out more for themselves than those around them. There was a father who told a cameraman – I was seriously envious of that beautiful piece of machinery – that he better not get in the view of his daughter. OK, those were not his exact words. I have a bit of a learning disability and struggle to express the right words at first. It was more, ‘are you going to stand up?’ The cameraman said ‘no.’ I understand he wanted for his daughter to have a good view, but you don’t make it hard for a professional to do their work, or get any other person in the crowd to move. If the girl’s view was obstructed I was going to offer that she stand beside me. There was a large gap and the people behind were taller than her so it really wouldn’t have been an issue. I was at one point told to move out of someone’s view. I kept being repetitively tapped on my sides. I did move but I ran out of room to shuffle along to. So I moved back to where I was before being touched. I was only going to spend two minutes at that spot anyway.

I realise now how anxious I was that day. As I was walking to Pitt St Mall I was almost colliding with people at the pedestrian walk, and I knew that was clumsier than usual. So, by the time I gave up on taking photos from down the front and thought I’d try and see if I could take some photos behind Megan and get the crowd in the photo, I started to politely ask people to move so I could leave. Some did but the ones in the middle seemed to be catatonic so I had to weave my way through them. Then I lost my footing and fell onto someone and stepped on their foot and they let out this animal groan and started to shake me. Really, it was the most difficult crowd to be in. Either in this type of music scene people don’t have the same etiquette as those in the rock and punk scene. We look after each other.  We don’t tell people to move – unless you’re a professional photographer – in that case we ask politely and promise to only be there for a few songs – or even make a big deal when they accidentally tread on your toes. I know that because I’ve done it a lot of times. I was treated as though I did it on purpose.


Anyway, Megan was great. I forget most of her set list. I should probably buy her album or something. More photos can be found at Lost Through the Len’s Facebook page or at The Dwarf’s website. If you like my photos then maybe you want to ‘like’ my page on Facebook so you can see more photos like that in the future. You can even request a gig for me to take photos at. If you want me to take photos of your band then contact me for a quote.

So, who am I going to shoot next?

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